Close the Experience Gap! 

  • Know every customer 
  • Shape every experience  
  • Engage in real time 
  • Personalize at scale 
  • Across every touchpoint 

The power of marketing in context 

Marketing in context of the customer’s current and previous interaction with your brand is the only way to truly deliver a personalized, relevant customer experience. But it requires technology that can scale when delivering on these four key capabilities: 

  • Web Content Management  
  • Customer Intelligence  
  • Cross Channel Delivery 
  • Predictive Analytics 

Why Sitecore? 

The Sitecore® Experience Profile™ provides a single client view to fully comprehend customer needs and serve up experiences that satisfy. 

The Sitecore Experience Accelerator provides reusable, templated UX layouts and components to help you get up and running quickly. 

Sitecore Federated Experience Manager serves up tailored, relevant experiences across non-Sitecore sites to deliver a connected customer experience across all your websites. 

Sitecore Commerce delivers personalized shopping experiences in real time to drive higher cart conversions and online sales.  

Sitecore Experience Database™ gives actionable insights from every customer interaction by collecting, evaluating, managing and analyzing customer intelligence from patterns, behaviors, and decisions gathered across multiple digital channels.  

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Personalization: Seeking the Holy Grail  

This session will focus on a step by step guide towards activating personalization on the Sitecore platform. Attendees will be given a step-by-step roadmap of where to start personalization activities and how to evolve those efforts based on a test and learn approach. You’ll learn how to create a journey map for marketing teams and their technology partners, to understand how they can work together to realize the potential of personalization on the Sitecore platform. 

The insights from this session are gathered across multiple clients and industries – as many Sitecore customers are in search of the holy grail of personalization, but have no idea where to look or where to start. 

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